Keeping Your Car Healthy

I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that the world is No fun without cars. Cars make road trips possible, make life more comfortable, and make places a lot quicker to reach. But even cars need to be in great condition to stay in service.

Read on to know how you can keep your car healthy.

Clean it regularly from the inside out

Just as you need to wash your body regularly, you also have to clean your car frequently. Your vehicle is the representation of your body. If it’s dirty, it only shows you don’t care much about your body. Clean it from the inside out. Make sure the windows and mirrors are clear, the seats are free from dust and dirt, and that it smells good.

Significance: A dirty car can attract grime which can damage your car’s interior and exterior.

Change the engine oil

Every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, change the oil. It’s best to keep a liter of a trusted brand in your boot. Doing this tip will prevent engine damage. Check your oil regularly too so as not to pay a lot of money on engine repairs.

Significance: Cars need oil to lubricate the engine and stop detergents. Check your oil every month using a dipstick. If you don’t change your oil, dirt will build up and kill your engine slowly. And that’s bad news for your wallet.

Inspect tire pressure once a month

You must also check the pressure of your tires every month and rotate them every 7,500 miles. Wrong tire pressure can lead to instability, poor breaking, flat tires, and less gas mileage. Use a functioning gauge to check the pressure. Rotate your tires often to make sure they wear evenly too. You’d want to maximize every part of your tire before replacing it.

Replace your brake pads once they show signs of wearing down

Every 25,000 miles, you should also change your brake pads. You can change them sooner if the brakes are already wearing down. Not changing your brake pads will lead to your car’s brake rotors failing, which will require you to spend around $300 to $600 for replacement.

Annually change your air filter or every 30,000 miles

The air filter of your car is like your lungs—it should be kept healthy and clean for easy breathing. A dirty filter can hurt your car’s acceleration and make your car less efficient than it should be. Replace the air filter once a year to avoid damaging your combustion chamber. Allow your vehicle to breathe with ease, okay?

Repair damages immediately

Lastly, for your car to be healthy, you should repair dents and other damages right away. If you don’t have the needed tools, you can check out Healthy Handyman; they have the tools that can help you keep your car in its best condition.

Remember, if your car is healthy, you will be in a healthy condition too. You’ll be far away from harm and accidents, and that’s one awesome way to stay healthy.

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