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Letter from Sandra Potesta, former Chair of Health Works Board

30 April 2013

To whom it may concern

At the AGM held on Tuesday 23 April at Longley Four Greens Community Centre there were insufficient members in attendance to vote on decisions.

Chair of the Board, Sandra Potesta has taken legal advice which was to use due prudence and due care in the circumstances.

Letters accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope were sent to all recorded members seeking their opinion on the future of this organisation. Five responses were received of which four were in favour and one against. It should be noted that the member voting against offered no suggestion as to how it might be possible to continue to operate Health Works.

Therefore at the meeting it was assumed that:
- All the Board resigned (this is usual for an AGM)
- All members not at the meeting resigned (no member attended the meeting)

Hence, and in accordance with the legal advice, those present appointed Sandra Potesta as Interim Administrator for the period of 6 months until 31 October 2013.

Other business.
- The appointment of Anthony Ball as inspector of the accounts for the period ending 31 March 2013.
- The organisation is to merge with Woodthorpe Development Trust, noting that two former members of Health Works board have been appointed to the board of Woodthorpe Development Trust to ensure continuity and the welfare of clients and staff.


Original version of letter(PDF)